Marina & the Diamonds concert


Yes, hello there! Here I am again!

I haveĀ prepaired a reaaaally cool post for today!

As you can probably read (Hint: look at the title!) this post is gonna be all about Marina Diamandi aka Marina & the Diamonds (aka the queen) and the last concert of her tour, the ‘Neon Nature Tour’.

I was there! Yes, at the concert! I saw Marina & the Diamonds live!!! Continue reading


Lately I’ve been up to…

winter 2

I wasn’t really active lately and I’m sorry, it’s just that I was super busy getting stuff done and traveling…

Happy New Year by the way! I wish you all the best! :*

I was lucky enough to spend the winter break in Germany and even though it wasn’t snowing when I went there (now it is I know, damn it) I had a wonderful time. Continue reading

Sunday Post: Songs I’ve been listening to lately

It’s Sunday again and this time I decided to share with you some of my absolute favorite songs that I’ve discovered or heard a lot lately!

  1. Soap – Melanie Martinez (sick beat drop!)
  2. 30 minutes break – The Luka State
  3. Ease – Troye Sivan
  4. Gasoline – Halsey
  5. Bridges – Broods
  6. Victorious – Panic! At The Disco
  7. Running With The Wolves – AURORA
  8. Outsiders – Against The CurrentĀ 
  9. For Love – The Sam Willows
  10. Bulletproof -La Roux (Gamper & Dadoni Remix)

If you wanna listen to the whole thing click HERE

I didn’t put them in any particular order but that’s what makes it so personal! I really hope you enjoy those songs!

Have a nice Sunday! šŸ™‚


Sunday: New Music Videos

What an interesting Sunday for the music world.

Remember how I talked to you about ‘Wild’ by Troye Sivan? Yeah, I’m still in love with that song…

Anyways ,yesterday Troye SivanĀ released the second part of his ‘Wild’ trilogy which is the song ‘FOOLS’.

Also a BEAUTIFUL song. The music video is a bit sadder tho. If you remember from the first part Troye was in a relationship with a boy he has known his whole life ,their parents get in a fight but the boys are still trying to hang out together.

In the second part the dad of Troyes’ boyfriend finds out about them and is anything else than pleased. He beats up his son and forces him to breakup with Troye. Continue reading