Rooftopping in Lavrion || Vlog #1

Rooftopping in Lavrion || Vlog #1 from Lydia Ramos on Vimeo.

Even though it’s pretty self explanatory, I’ll explain the story behind this video… vlog… whatever.

So a few days ago we (me and a couple of friends) went to Lavrion, a small graphic town not too far from Athens.

Since the weather was in our favour we explored Lavrion all day. We walked around the harbour and (probably) annoyed some fishermen with our silly doings (sorry).

If you knew us you’d be aware that we have a soft spot for rooftops. With that in mind it shouldn’t surprise you that we managed to find 2 awesome spots overviewing Lavrion and the harbour, one of them being a ruin and the other a reeeealllly nice rooftop.

All in all we had a pretty nice day and I managed to get some pretty nice shots. I cut them together and the video above is the outcome, TA-DAAAAH!

(Don’t take it too seriously we were just having a good time!)


Lydia 🙂


P.S. I might start doing this vlog thing (which isn’t actually a vlog but an edit) more often. What do you think?



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