Lately I’ve been listening to…

It’s time for another ‘Lately I’ve been listening to…’ post! I always love writting those posts for some reason…

Anyways,I discovered some preeeetty cool tunes the past few weeks.

First of all, Jonas Brothers.I’m aware that they split (my childhood was crashed) BUT they’ve found their way back into our hearts. Nick started a solo career, a quite succesful one if I might add.

Last week he released this awesome song called ‘Champagne Problems’ and even if I shouldn’t know anything about champagne problems I find the song quite catchy!

Next Jonas Brother: Joe. He started a band again. You might have heard of DNCE?

The pop-rock band of four is already stealing the hearts of previous Jonas Brothers fans with the song ‘Cake by the Ocean’.

Now to the next boyband: One Direction. Well we aren’t gonna talk about the remains of the boyband since they’re on hiatus if I’m not mistaken?

We’re gonna talk about Zayn.

Wanting to start his solo career he left his band mates and did exactly that, he started a solo career! Only a few weeks back he released his debut album called ‘Mind of Mine’! Honestly, it’s a nice album! Good work Zayn! I must say though that especially one song caught my attention and it goes by the name ‘Like I Would’!

Last but not least we are gonna talk about yet another band called Emblem3!

The band released their last song in 2014. After that they took a break,but never really left the music bussiness. I’m so happy to announce that they found their way to each other and continued making music as Emblem3.

In their new song ‘Now‘ they’re kinda announcing that they decided to come back. The lyrics are actually really sweet and meaningful since they thank the fans but also explain why they took that much needed break!

“…You see, certain people tried to brand us
Without takin the time to understand us,
I get the fact there`s a business plan but,
That shit damn near broke the band up
And this might seem random but I got to give a shout out to the fandom (I Love You!)
Been a couple years and you all stuck around and
Means more than you’ll ever understand…”

I like this song a lot but there’s this one that I loved even more!

Wow, I just realized that this post is filled with sadness. I talked about 3 bands that broke up and I didn’t even plan it? Is it too late now to say sorry?

I hope you enjoyed this post and the featured songs!

If you wanna check out more songs I fell in love with you can always check out my playlist!

Have a nice week! 🙂



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