Lately I’ve been listening to…

It’s time for another Lately I’ve been listening to post!

I suppose you know how this goes? I’m just gonna list some song I’ve been obsessing over lately. Here we go.

Too Deep by Ritual                                                                                                              

Beautiful song! I could listen to it over and over and over….and over again! By the way, don’t judge me, I discovered the song through Teen Wolf!

Desire by Years & Years feat. Tove Lo                                                                                            

I’ve talked about Years & Years sooo many times before but I couldn’t help it. They released a new version of their song Desire featuring Tove Lo. AMAZING!

Colors by Halsey                                                                                                                                    

She finally released the video for her song ‘Colors’ which was included in Badlands as well. (The video clip though XD )

Work by Rihanna feat. Drake                                                                                                          

 She released ‘Anti’ and not too long after the video for the song ‘Work’ featuring Drake!

Can’t Pin Me Down by Marina & the Diamonds  

I went to her concert like a week ago. I’m still feeling nostalgic about that night…

If you wanna check out more you can always check out my ‘Lately I’ve been listening to’ playlist featuring those and many more songs!

Have a nice week

Lydia 🙂


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