Lately I’ve been listening to…

Hey guys!!!

Long time no see! But I’m back… Well for now!

So ‘Lately I’ve been listening to…’ , you know the drill: new songs that kick ass.

Let’s start with…

1.Ain’t My Fault – Zara Larsson

Yes, we already know that Zara Larsson has an AMAZING voice for an 18-year-old and that she just loves to surprise us with the originality of her songs but I don’t think people were expecting something like THAT when she announced her new single.

I’m not complaining, I actually jammed out to the song for a solid hour!

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Lately I’ve been listening to…

It’s time for another ‘Lately I’ve been listening to…’ post! I always love writting those posts for some reason…

Anyways,I discovered some preeeetty cool tunes the past few weeks.

First of all, Jonas Brothers.I’m aware that they split (my childhood was crashed) BUT they’ve found their way back into our hearts. Nick started a solo career, a quite succesful one if I might add.

Last week he released this awesome song called ‘Champagne Problems’ and even if I shouldn’t know anything about champagne problems I find the song quite catchy!

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#NewFavorites Alternative

Okay guys, you know me, I’m all into pop/indie,R&B etc. etc. The truth is a kiiiiinda have a soft spot for alternative music too. Especially two bands.

The first one is called All Time Low. Sad name but a cool band I promise!

I can’t really recall the first time I listened to them, it’s kinda like they’ve always been there! You can probably imagine that I was over the moon when they released their album last year called ‘Future Hearts‘.

A really touching and emotional song that had you on the verse of tears every time you listened to it was ‘Missing You‘. The cool news is that they also released a video for this song like 5 days ago.

In the video they’re communicating with some dedicated fans of their band and telling them how much they mean to them etc.If you thought that the song was touching before just wait till you see the video clip!
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Lately I’ve been listening to…

It’s time for another Lately I’ve been listening to post!

I suppose you know how this goes? I’m just gonna list some song I’ve been obsessing over lately. Here we go.

Too Deep by Ritual                                                                                                              

Beautiful song! I could listen to it over and over and over….and over again! By the way, don’t judge me, I discovered the song through Teen Wolf!

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Marina & the Diamonds concert


Yes, hello there! Here I am again!

I have prepaired a reaaaally cool post for today!

As you can probably read (Hint: look at the title!) this post is gonna be all about Marina Diamandi aka Marina & the Diamonds (aka the queen) and the last concert of her tour, the ‘Neon Nature Tour’.

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